Every day we seek beauty, pleasure, comfort and human connection. Interior spaces should provide an avenue for realization of these needs. For you it might be a cozy reading nook, a well-appointed kitchen, a big family table, or the ultimate entertainment system. My passion as a designer is to discover what that is and allow it to inform the design.

This passion for design began at an early age, noticing the beauty and order in nature's patterns. I learned to appreciate the creative process by observing my father's own design work and the aesthetic that he brought into our home. After studying psychology and interior design I was employed by a local design firm and mentored by a well-respected interior designer before opening my own design firm in 2004.

My design aesthetic is clean and editorial, and reflective of my client’s style. It is important to know when just the right balance is achieved whether the style is modern, refined, or eclectic. Always there is reference to form, scale, and function.

I have developed many successful relationships with contractors, architects and homeowners. I consider my communication skills to be one of my assets, finding collaborative projects the most fulfilling. I have worked mainly in the San Francisco Bay area with projects also in Hawaii.

I look forward to discovering what inspires you!

Erin H. Crain

I believe the most important element in an interior space is the people who live within its walls. Each design choice should feed the spirit, rejuvenate and delight, creating a place of respite and well-being. Luxury is a state of mind.

21 Harrison Ave. Suite 201 Campbell CA 95009  408.628.4828  info@erincrain.com